Performance Management System(Sgate)

The beginning of a healthy organizational culture
A Simple Performance Management System

From daily work and collaboration management to goal and performance management between individuals-department and departments-company, as well as sensible personnel evaluation that reflect work processes and multi-faceted evaluations, anyone can simply start with just Sgate.

sgate - All-in-one connected performance-based culture

  • Work activities and feedback-based management

    of regular work and collaboration

  • Objective-and-work connected

    process-focused performance management

  • Highly receptive personnel evaluation

    reflecting both process and result

Flexible implementation within your budget!

  • Implement the functions you need first for whoever needs it first.

    Expansion is available as needed.

    • Personal Performance Management

      Work and collaboration management / KPI and OKR management

    • Departmental Performance Management

      Individual-Departmental-Corporate real-time performance index management

    • Personnel Evaluation

      Work process evaluation, result evaluation, multi-faceted evaluation

  • Check the options that are right for your company.

    We offer a range of options including Cloud subscription / construction.

    • Cloud Subscription

      Charges incurred based on number of users by function

    • Construction

      Customized systems for each customer

Over 200 enterprises and 350,000 users are
growing withsgate

  • FutureGen


    We had reviewed numerous services, but what we liked about Sgate was that we could perform work management, performance management and personnel evaluation all in one system.
    This personnel evaluation isn’t one of those tools you open once or twice a year. It can be used daily for communication among team members.



    Ever since we started using Sgate, previously accumulated data are managed well, motivating us to perform even better, which we liked.
    Personnel evaluation could be done on the same system, making performance management more transparent and systematic.

Private companies or public institutions should also start using sgate

Developed by ISPark, Sgate provides customized solutions for a wide range of personnel systems with its experiencing in establishing performance management and personnel evaluation systems for over 200 customers.